[vtkusers] FW: QVTKWidget + Dock/Undocking + MAC OS

Fetzer, Andreas a.fetzer at Dkfz-Heidelberg.de
Wed Feb 17 12:38:44 EST 2016


VTK 6.2 and Qt 4.8.6 works fine.
If we use Qt 5.x it doesn't work.

We narrowed it down to the QVTKWidget's c'tor:
If we uncomment the Qt::MSWindowsOwnDC flag it partially solves our problem.
There are still cases where our Views do not react :-/


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You mean to say, vtk 6.3 + Qt 4.8.6 works fine. ? There won't be any flickering hapenning on MAC. ?

On Wednesday, February 17, 2016, Fetzer, Andreas <a.fetzer at dkfz-heidelberg.de<mailto:a.fetzer at dkfz-heidelberg.de>> wrote:

we are facing a similar problem on Mac OS X 10.9+ with VTK 6.2 and Qt 5.x.
(Strangely with Qt 4.8.6 everything works fine)

We write our own Plugins that add new GUI components to our Application.
If we add a QVTKWidget to a plugin, all it's widgets do not react to mouse clicks anymore.
This happens even if we just instantiate the QVTKWidget without adding it to the plugin.

Currently we suspect that the QVTKWidget or VTKInteractors consume some Qt events
or do not forward these events. But we do not have a solution yet.

We would be glad about any hints.

Best regards,

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Since, I got no reply for this, I have prepared a small test case. It is a dock/undock example from Qt and I have just added QVTKWidget to it. Atleast the flickering should be disabled somehow. Can some experts help me?

I am using Qt 5.5 and vtk 6.3. This happens only on MAC (tested on OS X Yosemite & OS X El Capitan).

On Sun, Feb 7, 2016 at 8:17 PM, rakesh patil <prakeshofficial at gmail.com<javascript:;><mailto:prakeshofficial at gmail.com<javascript:;>>> wrote:

I am facing a very strange issue with Dock/Undocking when one of the docked widget is QVTKWidget. I have a centralWidget which contains four tabs. Each tab is an inherited from QWidget. Among these, one widget is QVTKWidget. The issue what I am facing is when I click on the bar and try to undock, the mouse events are lost. I release the mouse button and move the mouse, QVTKWidget keeps moving along with the mouse. I need to click once again on the tab and then it gets undocked fully. Some times while undocking or docking, I observed flickering effect on the renderwindow.

It gives feeling like QDockWidget is passing some information/signal to its widgets, which QVTKWidget is not able to process, and other QWidgets are able to process. Has anyone come across this type of scenario?

Thanks in advance

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