[vtkusers] Unicode text

David Lonie david.lonie at kitware.com
Thu Aug 25 11:33:10 EDT 2016

On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 7:51 AM, Rustem Khabetdinov
<rustem.khabetdinov at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello.
> Is there any possibility to use unicode chars?(without using vtk2DActor)

I'm not sure what you mean by vtk2DActor, but it is possible to render
unicode text by configuring the vtkTextProperty's FontFamily to
VTK_FONT_FILE and setting FontFile to a font file that supports the
character you wish to use. The default fonts in VTK do not support
much if any unicode, so you'll need to provide a font file.

This approach will work for vtkTextActor, vtkTextActor3D, and vtkTextMapper.

Example: https://github.com/Kitware/VTK/blob/master/Rendering/FreeType/Testing/Cxx/TestFreeTypeTextMapperNoMath.cxx#L148-L159


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