[vtkusers] vtkPlaneWIdget applied to object with a high ZScale factor

Luca Pallozzi Lavorante lplavorante at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 15:08:43 EDT 2016

Hi everybody,

I am trying to probe a vtkStructuredGrid using vtkPlaneWidget. My grid is
very thin and to obtain a good visualization, I need to apply a ZScaling of
300, using vtkActor::SetScale(), executed, for example, on an actor
corresponding to the grid outline. The problem is that when I try to issue
the probing using vtkPLaneWidget, my plane gets none of the celldata
contained in the StructuredGrid. Even if I manually resize the plane
(remember that I am scaling my data's actor by a factor of 300) and it is
visualized as cutting my grid, I get no data inside my probing plane. To
initially position the plane I use the PlaceWidget() method.
I think this is a scaling issue because when I modify my grid's Z
coordinates (multiplying by 300), the plane correctly shows the results
(data) of the probing.
So I thought I had to provide this ZScaling factor to the widget, but I
found no explicit mention about this in the class documentation.
I tried  the SetProp3D  method, passing my scaled actor as argument. In
this case, the plane is correctly shown as resized but again with no data.
In the geological application I am writing it is very common to use a large
ZScale factor due to the regional nature of the data.
How can I perform the correct probing using a ZScale factor? Is
coordinates' transformation the only way to get the correct result?

Thank you for any help

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