[vtkusers] Subdivided surface with non-subdivided edges (z fighting)

Luca Pallozzi Lavorante lplavorante at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 19:18:26 EDT 2016

Hi Greg, I had a similar problem some weeks ago. I wanted to show a refined
surface along with its original (before refining) edges. I had the same
fighting you mention between the original edges and the subdivided
surfaces. The method


solved my problem (here m_wireMapper is the vtkPolyDataMapper associated to
the non-refined wireframe represention of my object).
The outer edges of the wireframe mesh had to be coincident with the refined
surface mesh, so I could not use filter that modified very much the points´
coordinates. For example, vtkButterflySubdivisionFilter couldn´t be used. I
ended up using vtkSmoothPolydata filter for the solid surface, tuning its
parameters in order to minimize coordinates translations.

Hope this help


>>Approach 3:

>>I extracted the edges from the original polygons, and tried drawing them
together with the subdivided polygons (where the subdivided polygon edge
visibility is off).  This is resulted in what I was after, except there's z
fighting between the original edges and the subdivided surfaces.  I read
about the various ResoveCoincidentTopology options, but those appear to be
for a polygon with it's own edges, not a polygon with some other edges.  I
played with them anyway, just in case, but didn't see anything promising.
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