[vtkusers] Rendering a z=f( x, y) 3D surface

Stéphane ALBERT otb.salbert at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 11:54:57 EDT 2016


I'm new to VTK and on the rush to develop mock-up rendering a z = f( x, y )
3D surface using the VTK in a Qt main-window.

The goal of the mock-up is to test the load for large data such as, for
example, 32000x32000 discretization of the x and y axes.

I made a QMainWidow using a QVTKWidget and displaying a sphere (taken from
the Examples section).

I understood the general pipeline layout (similar to ITK) but I don't know
which VTK classes I should use/derive to modelize my z = f( x, y ) function
and render it.

Should I :

   - derive from vtkPolyDataAlgorithm and implement a point generation
   algorithm ;
   - fill in some vtkImageData ;
   - implement some filter taking grid data ;
   - other?

Basically, the user input the size (e.g. 32000), the software generates and
render the data.

As an option, I would like to add some controls to dynamically
increase/decrease the size parameter.

In a second step, we would like to test some adaptative rendering
algorithms the fast render the large number of vertices. Does VTK provide
such algorithms? How could I implement and insert one into the VTK pipeline
Best regards,


Stéphane ALBERT
Ingénieur d'études et développement
Business Unit E-SPACE & Geo Information, Département APPLICATIONS

CS Systèmes d'Information
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31506 Toulouse Cedex 05 - France
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