[vtkusers] vtkTemporalInterpolator

Yan liuyanbc157 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 11:45:54 EDT 2015


I'm trying to rewrite vtkTemporalInterpolator this class.

 I have already a class which is  rewroten, but in VTK 5.4.

Now i'm trying to fix it in VTK 6.2. 

But I found, RequestData this function is totally different with in VTK 6.2. 
In my project the new class has also used 
inTimes, numInTimes, UpTimes and numUptimes, those variables.

But in VTK 6.2 in class vtkTemporalInterpolator, 
I can just see some other variables in function RequestData.

So what could I do, can I still use variables in VTK 5.4, 
but it seems that I must also change  some of them, 
or if I use variables in VTK 6.2. How could I do?

Could someone also give me some instructions or hints of the mechanism
 of those vtkTemporalxxxx class.

For me it is relatively hard to understand them all.

Thanks in advance

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