[vtkusers] Problem using vtkXYActor in vtk6.2.0 (and vtk6.3.0rc2)

pof jd379252 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 18:53:39 EDT 2015

Hi all,

I have got an application that is currently linked against vtk6.1.0 
(compiled on VC++2010, win64).
One of its windows uses vtkXYChart to display 2D graphs, and it works 
just perfectly with vtk6.1.0.

Here is the code relevant portion:
     // Create the Chart and all its related objects
     vtkChartXY *chart = vtkChartXY::New();
     vtkContextScene *chartScene = vtkContextScene::New();
     vtkContextActor *chartActor = vtkContextActor::New();


     Renderer->AddActor(chartActor); // BUG is induced by this line

     // Create a table for the displayed variables
     vtkTable *table = vtkTable::New();
     // Fill the table
     // Add the plot
     vtkPlot *line = chart->AddPlot(vtkChart::LINE);
     line->SetInput(table, 0, 1);
     line->SetInputData(table, 0, 1);

Now I am trying to upgrade to vtk6.2.0. It compiles and links fine.
However, the vtkXYActor is no longer displayed, the line causing the 
trouble is this one:
     Renderer->AddActor(chartActor); // BUG is induced by this line
Running in debug, and exiting the program after this line returns the 
following message:
First chance exception at 0x000007fef5340cfc 
(vtkRenderingContext2D-6.2.dll) in myapp.exe : 0xC0000005: Access 
violation reading location 0x0000000000000000.

So my question is simple, though the answer might not be:
Were there any changes between vtk6.1 and vtk6.2 related to vtkXYActor 
that could explain such behaviour?

Any ideas or advices are welcome.

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