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Gerrick Bivins Gerrick.Bivins at halliburton.com
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Hi Utkarsh,
Totally understandable.
I’m actually basing my question about wrapped languages (specifically Java) on my previous attempt to use the” zero copy API”.
It seemed like all the references/examples were for accessing the data from the c++/native side so I just
went for it.

After getting things built and attempting to implement things, I saw that most of the
referenced classes were not produced for Java and then I think I realized that I would have to
implement data access on native side and then allow vtk to wrap my implementations.
(Is that true?)
That felt a bit unnatural as a Java developer especially if my originating data is accessed
from a Java API.

What I would expect is that classes like vtkMappedUnstructuredGrid ,vtkMappedDataArray ,vtkUnstructuredGridBase etc
(or some equivalent) would show up as abstract Java classes (better yet interfaces) that I could implement/extend
and work within  the framework.

Is that more clear?


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The *new* zero copy design literally started a week or two ago, so it is in its infancy, but I will write a design document soon. It doesn't however do anything new for access through wrapped languages. What exactly is your use-case. I am not sure what aspect is lacking in the current implementation in that regard.


On Mon, Jun 29, 2015 at 6:04 PM Gerrick Bivins <Gerrick.Bivins at halliburton.com<mailto:Gerrick.Bivins at halliburton.com>> wrote:
“* deprecate the existing zero copy array API in preparation for a significant refactoring that will come in 7.0. The refactor will make zero copy arrays both simpler to use and perform better.”

Where can I find more information about this?
Does the “Zero copy array refactor” expose this framework to wrapped languages, Java in particular?
Currently the duplication of data is one of the things holding up adoption of VTK in our application.


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Hey vtkers,

We are hoping to do a vtk 6.3 release in the next couple of weeks and then immediately follow that up with a 7.0 release.

We'd are putting out a 6.3 out in order to:
* deprecate the existing zero copy array API in preparation for a significant refactoring that will come in 7.0. The refactor will make zero copy arrays both simpler to use and perform better.
* package up all of the progress that has been made in the master branch's OpenGL2 surface and volume rendering. The vtkpython binaries will switch over to using the OpenGL2 back end this release.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, critical bugs especially, and developers let us know if there is any work you have in a partially finished state that we should be sure to get into 6.3.

If all goes well we'll have a release candidate for 6.3 next week.

David E DeMarle
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