[vtkusers] Why is vtkImagePlaneWidget outputDimensionality setting invalid ?

沧海一粟 liyihai2009 at qq.com
Fri Jun 12 23:28:33 EDT 2015

I set the output dimension of imagePlaneWidget as show below:
imagePlaneWidget->GetReslice()->SetOutputDimensionality(3); // set the output data to be 3D

When I tried to get 3D image as show below, I found that the value of dim was 2 ( expected value was 3) !
vtkImageData * data = imagePlaneWidget->GetResliceOutput();
int dim = data->GetDataDimension();  // after test , I found the value of dim is 2 !

My question is that why the setting of dimensionality was invalid ?
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