[vtkusers] "zoom in" in VTK Image viewer when displaying CT images

Prashanth prashanth.dumpuri at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 10:13:55 EDT 2015


I recently discovered ITK-SNAP and have noticed that ITK-SNAP produces a
pixelated image (poor quality image) when zooming in the 2D image views.
I'm just doing a 2x zoom in ITK-SNAP but the image looks really pixelated
after zooming in.

In my opinion VTK Image viewer produces better looking images. My CT image
is of size 832 x 832 x 265 (0.8mm slice thickness). So, it's not lack of
data in the input image that's causing pixelated displays. I don't know how
VTK handles zooming but as I understand it, glScalef is the function in
ITK-SNAP handling zoom.

How does VTK handle 'zoom in' ? Is there something I can do to improve the
quality in ITK-SNAP?

P.S. I have asked ITK-SNAP a similar question about 'zooming in' and
glScalef. I'm posting here because I would like to know how VTK handles
'zooming in' and also in my limited experience with ITK-SNAP, the response
time in VTK users mailing list is quicker.

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