[vtkusers] How voxeliz a triangle mesh which is NOT watertight

WeiRan metorm at outlook.com
Thu Jul 16 01:59:46 EDT 2015

Hello guys:

I  am a new user of vtk and I am tring to voxeliz a triangle mesh using vtk. I have already tried two ways to do it, but neither of them succeed.

1. Using vtkPolyDataToImageStencil
I got the example run on my computer, but the speed was really slow, it took me several minutes to compute a 256 * 256 * 256 volume data. What is the problem? Should the process take so long ?
 What's worse, some of my surface to voxeliz is not watertight, which means I cannot use this route at all.

2. Then I found this mail in our mail list :
I think rendering the mesh is a good idea, but I can only get 2D data , ie , a screen shot of the window. Is there anyway to obtain 3D data of the window , or should I move the camera to show the cross section of the mesh and screen shot the window again and again ?
In the bottom of the above mail , David said that I can also use vtkCutter to get section of the volume data , which is faster ?

Perhaps this is an small problem for advanced users, but it is driving me crazy, please help me !

Wei Ran,  metorm at outlook.com 

Wei Ran,  metorm at outlook.com
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