[vtkusers] Contour, ContourWidget and triangles filler

Oleg Krivosheev oleg.krivosheev at xcision.com
Wed Jul 15 01:01:03 EDT 2015

Hi, All

what I'm trying to do is to have editable contour in vtkContourWidget, with
area filled with somewhat transparent color. What I managed to do is to
make contour,
put it into a widget, generate triangles strip from the contour via
vtkTriangleFilter and
draw it all together, Python code at the link


Now questions. Is it a good way to proceed? Looks very cumbersome to me,
but I'm new to VTK.

Another big question is how to connect contour edit action (say, moving or
adding point)
with triangle strip update. Right now as soon as I move point, contour is
but triangles filler is not

Any help is greatly appreciated


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