[vtkusers] vtkProjectedTexture example

Kilgus, Thomas t.kilgus at dkfz-heidelberg.de
Tue Jul 14 05:31:40 EDT 2015

Hi there,

I used this class to project an RGB texture of a camera onto a CT surface. I figured it was working very well but not very straight forward to use. The documentation was insufficient for me (and two students), so we just did the math and solved everything more or by trial and error. The class produces very nice texture coordinates to map an image onto a polydata. Unfortunately, this was almost two years ago and I fear I don't remember details. 

Here is my code anyway (I removed parts from our own toolkit and added comments):

    vtkSmartPointer<vtkProjectedTexture> projectedTexture = vtkSmartPointer<vtkProjectedTexture>::New();
    mitk::Surface* surfaceToComputeTextureOn = dynamic_cast<mitk::Surface*>(surfaceNodeToComputeTexture->GetData());
    mitk::Surface* surfaceToPutTextureOn = dynamic_cast<mitk::Surface*>(surfaceNodeToPutTextureOn->GetData());
    //Settings for vtkProjectedTexture

    //RGB camera intrinsics. Width and Height are the resolution of the camera. See intrinsic camera calibration in literature
    projectedTexture->SetAspectRatio( -d->m_width, d->m_height, d->m_CameraIntrinsics->GetFocalLengthX() );
    float dx = ( (d->m_width/2.0f) - d->m_CameraIntrinsics->GetPrincipalPointX() ) / -d->m_width;
    float dy = ( (d->m_height/2.0f) - d->m_CameraIntrinsics->GetPrincipalPointY() ) / -d->m_height;

    projectedTexture->SetSRange(dx, 1+dx);
    projectedTexture->SetTRange(dy, 1+dy);
    projectedTexture->SetInputData( polyDataToComputeTextureOn ); //this can be the same as the one to project on
    //Map Texture on Surface
    polyDataToPutTextureOn->GetPointData()->SetTCoords(projectedTexture->GetOutput()->GetPointData()->GetTCoords()); //can be a different surface or the same

     //here is what you need in addition:
     vtkSmartPointer<vtkTexture> vtkTxture = vtkSmartPointer<vtkTexture>::New();
     vtkTxture->SetInputData( someVtkImageData ); //in my case an RGB camera image
     actor->SetTexture(vtkTxture); //your polydata actor

Bottom line the class works really well and I failed to submit an additional example or documentation to improve the usability. I hope this helps!


Thomas Kilgus
German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
Div. Medical and Biological Informatics 
Junior group: Computer-assisted Interventions (E131)
Im Neuenheimer Feld 280
69120 Heidelberg, Germany
Phone: +49(0) 6221-42-3545

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I'm very interested too. I'm looking for an example that show me how to use this class, but I didn't find it. Have you ever used this class? Can you post here an example? Every language is ok. Thank you

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