[vtkusers] Enabling python SIP wrapping

Andrea Borsic aborsic at ne-scientific.com
Mon Jul 13 09:08:40 EDT 2015

Hi Ben

Thank you for your reply.

I need:







so things look good. I will try running SIP manually on them.

Though I am not a wrapping expert I would be happy to contribute time to 
any community effort centered on "upgrading" the SIP work to the new 
modular structure.

Thanks and Best Regards,



On 7/13/2015 2:59 PM, Ben Boeckel wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 09:12:30 +0200, Andrea Borsic wrote:
>> I used to wrap VTK with SIP/Python with VTK 5.x / Qt 4.x
>> I have recently switched to VTK 6.2 / Qt 5.4, with Python 2.7 - this
>> under Windows 8.1 64bit / VS 2013 / CMAKE 3.x. During the project
>> configuration stage with CMAKE the variable VTK_WRAP_PYTHON_SIP does not
>> show in the main variables nor I have found it using a search on the
>> advanced variables, and therefore I am not sure about how to wrap with
>> SIP. SIP support seams to be still there though, as for example the
>> vtkWrapPython.sip CMAKE module is in the source tree.
>> Can anybody please suggest how I could enable SIP wrapping ?
>> Thanks in advance for any suggestions and thank you for your time,
> SIP wrapping was missed during the modularization of VTK. Some bits are
> laying around, but nothing ever calls or uses it. It will likely need
> porting to the modular infrastructure. What classes did you need access
> to? The classes SIP would wrap currently are:
>      QVTKGraphicsItem
>      QVTKInteractor
>      QVTKInteractorAdapter
>      QVTKWidget
>      QVTKWidget2
>      vtkQtAbstractModelAdapter
>      vtkQtAnnotationLayersModelAdapter
>      vtkQtTableModelAdapter
>      vtkQtTreeModelAdapter
> All the rest should be handled by VTK's wrappers.
> --Ben

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