[vtkusers] Crash on vtkImageData with QNan

Lodron, Gerald Gerald.Lodron at joanneum.at
Fri Jul 10 02:59:05 EDT 2015


I wrote an application to watch some normal 2D image data. When I load a floating point image (monochrome) including QNan's I get a complete crash. I tried compiling my program in debug mode but here the app only hangs up (no crash directly), pressing on debugs pause seems to hang anywhere in window's nvoglv64.dll. When I compile my program in DebugWithRel Runtime it seemed that it is anywhere in vtkImageStatistics.dll. I am using image statistics but their functions were not called by my app (user needs to call special GUI entry), should not be called in current application usage so crash must be anywhere in rendering pipeline..... I also debugged it using std::cout's in release mode but it seems that my pipeline building up works perfectly and returns, crash seems to be later after some "interactor" or "Mapper" pipeline stuff....

Any ideas/suggestions to find the error? Replacing pixel values before rendering would be an option but is not very nice since I want to show the image data and not modified image data....

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