[vtkusers] Compiling VTK DLLs with -gd suffix?

Florian Thevißen F.Thevissen at apodius.de
Thu Jul 2 03:07:07 EDT 2015

Hi Cory,

Thanks for your answer! The project I set-up is a simple point-cloud 
visualizer, following the tutorial here: 
http://pointclouds.org/documentation/tutorials/qt_visualizer.php . The 
source files including the CmakeLists.txt can be found here: 

I cmake-gui'd the CMakeLists and created both a Visual Studio 2013 64bit 
project, and a set of Makefiles to use with nmake. I can build the 
qt_visualizer both ways with the same results, so both from within 
Visual Studio and from a command-line.

When I configure a debug-build, I get the request for the -gd dlls.

Best regards,

Am 01.07.2015 um 15:29 schrieb Cory Quammen:
> Florian,
> What kind of project did you set up? In other words, what software is 
> requesting the -gd suffix?
> Thanks,
> Cory
> On Wed, Jul 1, 2015 at 8:25 AM, Florian Thevißen 
> <F.Thevissen at apodius.de <mailto:F.Thevissen at apodius.de>> wrote:
>     Hello everyone,
>     I have the problem that the project I just setup requests two
>     different "types" of DLLs depending on the configuration. For
>     example, for the release configuration, the file
>     > vtkCommonColor-6.2.dll
>     is, among others, requested. I point the environment via an
>     adjusted Path variable to the destination where the dll is
>     located, and I can run the executable. However, when I try to
>     debug, the file
>     > vtkCommonColor-6.2-gd.dll
>     is, among others, requested. The problem is, that I do not have
>     these files with the -gd suffix, and I do not seem to be able to
>     create them by compiling VTK via VS2013. Maybe I am missing
>     something obvious, but having tried to fix this for quite a whil
>     today, I'm starting to suspect that it's not...
>     Best regards,
>     Florian
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