[vtkusers] Using ITK with VTK and BGL

Masakazu Gesho mgesho at uwyo.edu
Wed Jul 1 20:08:12 EDT 2015

I used VTK and BGL for the project.

Now I would like to add ITK package on top of VTK and BGL.

When I added ITK package in the CMakeLists.txt with gluing VTK, I obtained the following error of which I did not see without ITK.

fatal error: vtkBoostConnectedComponents.h: No such file or directory
 #include <vtkBoostConnectedComponents.h>

I use:


VTK 6.1 with MPI

ITK 4.7

BGL 1.55

Thank you for our help.

Masakazu Gesho
University of Wyoming
PhD Petroleum & Chemical Engineering

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