[vtkusers] Storing multiple copies/instances of vtkAssembly's - Memory Management

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Sat Jan 17 12:23:45 EST 2015


How can one store multiple copies/instances of vtkAssembly's?

If the number of possible vtkAssembly's were known, I would have opted for
a fixed size array, however I can only think of the C++ Vector.

This is what I can think of as a data structure...
*vector<vtkAssembly> actorCombo*

Are there better data structures for handling multiple vtkAssembly's?

Also, I am having some difficulty storing multiple glyph's that are plotted
on a vtkActor. Basically, I can store vtkActor's as  *vector<vtkActor>
but I don't know how to store and associate the multiple glyph's to each
actor. If I were to use C Style arrays, I could opt for a 2D array, such
that [i][j], where [i] would represent the index of the actor and [j] would
represent each glyph object. How would I go about storing it as a vector?

Also, in terms of memory management, what is better - linked lists or

Would greatly appreciate it if you or anyone on this forum could answer my
questions. It would really mean a lot to me.

Many Thanks
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