[vtkusers] Stereograpic sphere

Luis Vieira luis.vieira at vektore.com
Wed Jan 14 17:15:13 EST 2015

I am sorry. I just don't know well how to post into vtkusers. I have 
been trying addressing to vtk.org and some times I have issues with my 
mailbox. Sorry.
On 1/14/15 5:11 PM, David Thompson wrote:
> Hi Luis,
> Please keep vtkusers included in replies so that others can benefit.
>> There are assigned  const char* projName = "rouss"; rouss means? Sorry about that.
> Rouss is short for Roussilhe. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roussilhe_oblique_stereographic_projection .
> If you build VTK with the geovis kit enabled and run TestGeoProjection, it will print a list of strings that can replace "rouss". They are other projection names.
> 	David

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