[vtkusers] Stereograpic sphere

David Thompson david.thompson at kitware.com
Tue Jan 13 13:30:12 EST 2015

Hi Luis,

> I am beginner in VTK and I am struggling to plot a Stereonet graph. I have been trying vtkPolydata , vtkPoints, vtkParametricSpline and vtkParametricFunctionSource. I have tried vtkCharXY. However I have no success. Any ideas to suggest where I could start and which vtk classes will help me to develop a semi-sphere? 

You might look at the examples in VTK/Geovis/Core/Testing/Cxx, specifically TestGeoGraticule.cxx. If you change the string assigned to pname in TestGeoGraticule.cxx you can obtain different projections, including the stereographic one. Run the TestGeoProjection test to get a list of valid string values.


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