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I am going to be using C++ to develop a software that allows the user to
interact with multiple objects/actors on the screen.
They should be able to move objects/actors independently from one another.

The thing is, I need to store all of this in memory and so I have come up
with this class structure to store objects in memory. I also have another
class to handle the vtkPicker, i.e. if points are selected on the actor,
then they stay there even if that object/actor is moved independently the
points should move with it. I am thinking of using inheritance, this is my
sort of class structure...

Actor Class...
class ScreenObjects
   vtkActor (LinkedList); // I intend on using a linkedlist to store all
the actors

   ScreenObjects(); // Constructor. Initializes vtkActor to null.
   void readSTLFile(); // Reads the STL File
   bool setObject(); // Sets current object, so you can only interact with
the selected object
   void reset(); //Resets everything, including vtkActors

Picker Class...
class PickerActor : class ScreenObjects

Would really appreciate it if you could give me some ideas or suggestions
for my class structure.

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