[vtkusers] vtkPropPicker _very_ slow

marcin.krotkiewski marcin.krotkiewski at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 12:11:45 EDT 2015


I have noticed that vtkPropPicker works much slower than, e.g., 
vtkCellPicker in my code (I use the Java bindings and add one surface 
actor to the scene). I have tested vtk-6.1, vtk-6.2 and vtk-6.3-rc2. The 
latter two versions I also tried with the OpenGL2 back-end (6.2 crashes 
in this case, but that seems to be a known issue, apparently fixed in 6.3).

Here is example time it takes to pick on 1 surface with n points

num. of points     4.5e3             1.5e6
vtkPropPicker    0.152258s        40s
vtkCellPicker     0.005986s         1s

This seems really weird, since vtkPropPicker is supposed to be the 
faster one. The difference is quite dramatic and consistent on all VTK 
releases I have checked.

Am I doing sth. wrong? Is it my graphics card, or maybe the drivers, or 
is it VTK?

I'd appreciate some hints.


Marcin Krotkiewski

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