[vtkusers] How to filter poly data while preserving point data arrays?

normanius juch at zhaw.ch
Thu Aug 20 06:28:48 EDT 2015

Hi everyone. 

I use vtkCurvatures to measure the average curvature of irregular dome-like
surfaces (domeSurface). Because of numerical problems close to the edge of
the dome, I would like to filter away the points close to the edge of the
dome. See attached image: the edge is indicated by a red line, the blue
color indicates the excessively high curvature values close to the edge,
which I want to get rid of.


The edge is created by a planar cut and I do have a triangulated
representation of the "missing" face of the dome: cutFace.

My approach is to use vtkBooleanOperationPolyDataFilter to calculate the
difference between domeCurvature and cutFace - however, this way I loose the
point data arrays that contain the curvature information of the surface.
This is roughly the processing pipeline:

domeSurface -> *curvatureFilter* -> domeCurvature ->
*booleanOperationFilter*(intersect with cutFace) ->

The problem: while data1 exists, data2 does not exist after the boolean
data1 = curvatureFilter.GetOutput().GetPointData().GetArray("Mean_Cuvature")
data2 =

*So here is my question*: How can I get rid of the points close to the edge
while preserving the curvature data retrieved by the curvature filter? 

Thank you for any suggestions!

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