[vtkusers] VtkLookupTable and ScalarBar

Andrew Maclean andrew.amaclean at gmail.com
Sun Aug 2 19:38:42 EDT 2015

You need the class vtkColorSeries:

The tests should give you a good idea about usage.
I would suggest starting with one of the Brewer Diverging enumerations and,
if necessary, creating a custom one. This may also help:

For somewhat complex examples that use this class, see:

This may also be of use:

There are also corresponding python versions of the same name in the VTK


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> Subject: [vtkusers] VtkLookupTable and ScalarBar
> Hello Everyone:
>  I was wondering if there's any sample code in which the lookup table is
> from blue to white to red. The SetHueRange and teh SetSatRange methods only
> provide two controls min and max and it would be great to be able to set
> the mid value of the lookup to white as I see in some VTK terrain
> visualization examples.
>  I have attached a sample image of what I am thinking of.
>  Thank you.
> Ram.

Andrew J. P. Maclean

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