[vtkusers] Migrating mixed unmanaged C++/C# project from VTK 5.4 to VTK 6.0

Kicki Frisch Kicki.Frisch at icr.ac.uk
Tue Sep 23 10:35:59 EDT 2014

I have a project relying on VTK 5.6 which I want to migrate to VTK 6.0.

The core algorithms are written I C++. The unmanaged C++ classes are wrapped and called from C#/.NET code. Our .NET wrapped interface uses VTK classes as parameters and return values from methods.

In VTK 5.4, the class libraries containing the wrapped managed .NET classes for the VTK classes. Therefore, the .NET wrapped VTK classes can be used in our own .NET wrappers of our unmanaged C++ classes.

However, if I understand it correctly, as of VTK 5.8, the source code is no longer available for download and the .NET wrappers only available as pre-compiled binaries.

Is that correct?
If so, I'm not entirely sure how to proceed, since moving to VTK 6.0 breaks the interface between our C++ back-end and the .NET front-end.

Here's an example of a wrapper class:

public ref class IcrImageAccumulate


  // const char *GetClassName ();
  System::String^ GetClassName();

  virtual System::String^ ToString() override;

  void Calculate(Kitware.VTK.vtkImageData^ image); // <-- problem, since I don't have access to the managed VTK source code

// ...

Best regards,

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