[vtkusers] Blending multiple textures with different texture coordinates

Guillaume Dumont rippalka at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 10:23:58 EDT 2014

Hi everyone,

I am currently stuck on a tricky problem that doesn't seem to have an
efficient solution and I was hoping that someone could show me the light.

*What I have:*
- Mesh that is not UV unwrapped
- Multiple textures with partial UV mapping (projection from image onto the
mesh, so the UV mapping only affects a subportion of the mesh)

*What I want to do:*
- Blend these textures on the model for visualization purpose

*What I have tried:*
- Multiple texture handling in Vtk is limited by the hardware (up to 4 on
my computer)
- I experimented by UV unwrapping the mesh myself and try to project my
textures in this manual UV mapping (that maps the *entire* mesh). My
implementation is slow, and implies manual UV unwrapping. The intent is to
then perform the blending before displaying the texture.

If anyone has any idea about how to accomplish such a task in Vtk, I would
be infintely thankful!

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