[vtkusers] Request info about changes made to vtkRuledSurfaceFilter vtkAppendPolyData after 5.2.1

Aaron Hickerson aaron.hickerson at ondiagnostics.com
Tue Sep 9 15:58:29 EDT 2014


I am in the process of upgrading my company OS from ubuntu10 to ubuntu14
and so I am therefore dealing with an upgrade of vtk 5.2.1 to vtk 5.8. Our
legacy software is heavily dependent on vtk and we are noticing some
unexpected differences in outcomes with the newer 5.8 library. These
differences are slight but for our regulated software we need to know why
there are ANY differences in outcomes for this new release, no matter how

There were changes made to the classes vtkRuledSurfaceFilter and
vtkAppendPolyData after 5.2.1 but I cannot find any succinct explanations
as to why these changes were made. These are the two classes that I have
identified that our software is dependent on that behave differently in
this new release, and provide different outcomes. I have scoured the
internet and looked at the source code in detail but I still cannot find
any real explanation as to WHY these two classes were modified to produce
different outcomes than in previous versions.

Can anyone point me to the changelog(s) for these classes that contain
succinct explanations for the algorithmic changes?

Aaron Hickerson
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