[vtkusers] vtkStringArray and /or vtkIntArray as outputVector

RIVERA, Orlando Orlando.RIVERA at mtu.de
Tue Nov 25 04:23:54 EST 2014

Dear  Community

I have been trying for a while  and   I checked some  examples as well

I just want in a reader by   RequestData    to add two extra output ports  one for vtkStringArray and one to vtkIntArray  ,

Something lilke:

void RequestData(vtkInformation*, vtkInformationVector**, vtkInformationVector* outputVector){



         vtkSmartPointer<vtkInformation>   outinfo1= outputVector->GetInformationObject(1);

               vtkSmartPointer<vtkStringArray>  strArr= vtkStringArray::SafeDownCast(outInfo1->Get(vtkDataObject::DATA_OBJECT()));

              strArr->SetNumberOfValues() ;



I think I need to tell outputVector  somewhere that its second element is a vtkStringArray?  I saw all plugins  send vtkPoint, Grids etc   but nothing like string-int arrays  .Sorry for my naivety !



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