[vtkusers] use VTK as 2D window with 3D objects

Jin Jeremy jinxinliang at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 19 01:56:31 EST 2014

Hello All Gurus,

I have a special requirement of graphics. I want to render a 3D scene, but I only look into one plane (for example, XZ plane) with parallel project, so it is actually only 2D graphics. But I still want to use VTK to render every object so they has beautiful 3D look. This is really easy to do as long as I set parallel pojection and proper camera. 

Challenge is the next, I want to display horizontal axes (X axes) and vertical axes (Z axes) which are always on the fixed position of window. For example, X axes is always 20 pixels from bottom edge, and Z axes is always 20 pixes from left edge. and I want, if I zoom in/zoom out/translate, the axes scale/tick value will change, but the axes position will remain. Of course I will disable rotation. 

Anybody can give advice how to implement this kind of axes?

Thanks in advance.

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