[vtkusers] using 3D contours to clip and clean a surface

Graham Elwoody gelwoody at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 18:05:49 EST 2014


I am a VTK user working with a 3D surface (polydata). My goal is to remove
the small specks from the surface.

Already at this point (and for applications considerations beyond removing
the small specks), I've computed the convex hull of the surface, created a
distance filter (representing the distance from the convex hull to the
surface), created a 3d contour filter (partitioning the surface into ranges
of various depths) and then ran a connectivity filter on the resulting

The contours look fine for my needs. Now I'd like to somehow march through
the smaller contours by region (focusing only those with low cell count),
compute their surface area (using VTK Mass Properties), remove the smaller
contours/surfaces from the original 3D surface and fill the resulting
holes. However, after a few days of researching how to do this ...I have
not figured out a good approach.

Can I somehow clip the original surface with the individual contours and
apply the results to VTKMassProperties?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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