[vtkusers] vtkImageViewer2 and QVTKWidget

Steve Roys sroys at umaryland.edu
Tue Nov 4 17:00:54 EST 2014

I need to display 4 DICOM images in a grid.  The images should resize
with the window size, and I want to window and level each image
independently.  I've modified the GUI4.* example code, and I'm able
to display images in QVTKWidgets using vtkImageViewers, but that doesn't
provide scaling and w/l control.  I've tried to use vtkImageView2,
which *I think* should provide scaling and w/l-ing, but I can't get
anything to display.

So, are there any examples of working code
that do something like this?  I'd like to use qtcreator so I can
graphically design the GUI, but that's not mandatory.  I'm on the
extreme uphill side of the VTK learning curve, so be gentle...

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