[vtkusers] Regaring installation of vtk-BGL in parallel mode.

Masakazu Gesho mgesho at uwyo.edu
Mon Jun 30 19:44:29 EDT 2014


I am trying to build VTK-BGL on my computer.

Currently, I am using VTK 6.2 and Boost Graph Library 1-55-0 with Boost-mpi.

I could build cmake, however, when I "make" there is linking errors.


/usr/local/include/boost/graph/distributed/breadth_first_search.hpp:111:7: error: 'struct boost::detail::error_property_not_found' has no member named 'ref'

I wonder if I have to use certain version of boost-graph library to use vtk.

If so can you let me know which version of BGL is required?

Thank you for your help.

Masakazu Gesho
University of Wyoming
PhD Petroleum & Chemical Engineering

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