[vtkusers] 3-D plot using a series of 2-D MRIs

BURAK UZKENT (RIT Student) bxu2522 at rit.edu
Fri Jun 27 18:32:45 EDT 2014

Hello everyone,

I have a series of short-axis MRI images of human heart. I want to stack
all the 2-D images in a 3-D matrix and display it in C++ in 3-D. Basically,
what I am looking for is a function like isosurface and patch in Matlab.  I
will deeply appreciate any help.

*Kind Regards*
*Burak Uzkent*
*PhD Student*
*Graduate Research Assistant*
*Imaging Science *
*Rochester Institute of Technology*
*Web: http://people.rit.edu/bxu2522/ <http://people.rit.edu/bxu2522/> *
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