[vtkusers] VTKDicomImageReader does not read all the DICOM file

Dina Youakim dina.youakim at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 05:37:27 EDT 2014


I am using VK 6.1.0 with QT 5.1.1 on MAC os, and after being able to
build the library, I am trying to read all DICOM files in a folder.
I am using both:

vtkDICOMImageReader , vtkImageViewer2

as follow:




But when I check the max number of slices :

mMaxSliderX = imageViewerDCMSeriesX->GetSliceMax();

I got 16. whole the folder has 640 files. The problem is those 640 are
splitter into 40 acquisition, each is 16 slices. Is there a way to
force it read all the files or how to access all the files for display


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