[vtkusers] How to embed VTK rendering context into Windows Form

Sonya Blade sonyablade2010 at hotmail.com
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Thanks for the advice John,
At least, its good to know that VTK runs on one of the IDEs, I do have the Qt Creator 2.6 and Qt 4.8 installed, but I kinda don't like the Qt as IDE bcoz it really is slow during the compilaiton process. 
Normally it's only matter of swapping the handles of intended graphical content to the OPenGL rendering context in any case it will go into OpenGL function of SwapBuffers(DC); But this time I couldn't succeed to do it so and I'm tearing my hair out. 
Do you know where exactly teh Qt Gui examples resides after compilation in build directory, in source files they are in D:\..........\VTK-6.1.0\Examples\GUI\Qt folder but after the build D:\..........\VTK-6.1.0_BUILD\Examples\GUI\Qt doesn't exist.

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> Subject: Re: [vtkusers] How to embed VTK rendering context into Windows Form
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> > The best that I can found is this one,
> > http://vtk.1045678.n5.nabble.com/Visual-C-forms-td1248419.html
> > as opposed to the instructions given in the posts, there is no option in
> > Cmake to set the variable VTK_USE_MFC = On.
> >
> > Having the examples under source folder ...VTK-6.1.0\GUISupport\MFC makes me
> > think that MFC is targeted in VTK but probably I didn't configured it
> > properly.
> >
> Qt will have the best support with vtk.
> John
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