[vtkusers] no crystal eye (quand_buffer) stereo with Qt5 / VTK 6.1 / Nvidia

Jean-Luc Szpyrka Jean-Luc.Szpyrka at inria.fr
Mon Dec 22 07:02:49 EST 2014

 Hi  all,

 I am dealing with stereo rendering pb on VTK6 and Qt5.

 The attached code sample correctly displays stereo rendering 
 (quad_buffer/crystal eyes, but also other stereo types e.g horizontal_split
 or anaglyph) when compiled with QT4. It works with VTK6.0 and VTK6.1

 The same code compiled with QT5 (5.3) and VTK6.1 does not render
 quad_buffer stereo (anaglyph and horizontal_split stereo are OK).

 The host runs FedoraCore20, with the distrib version of Nvidia drivers
 (331-39-2).  Both binaries are linked with the same opengl dirvers.

 It is a known issue with quand_buffer rendering with VTK6.1 and QT5? 
 Or…. what did I wrong ? 

 Here is the code:

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