[vtkusers] build latest activiz in linux (mono)

CuRaToR curator at gmx.de
Wed Dec 3 09:25:27 EST 2014

Hey there,

I am currently trying to use VTK in C# with mono in Linux. To do so, I 
found out that it would be a good idea to install activiz.

I downloaded the latest VTK and activiz sources from git and installed 
mummy and gccxml. I have build VTK t) defaul(and tried to configure activiz.

However, I got the following error message, which I don't understand really.

CMake Error at CMakeLists.txt:1008 (ADD_DEPENDENCIES):
Cannot add target-level dependencies to non-existent target

The add_dependencies works for top-level logical targets created by the
add_executable, add_library, or add_custom_target commands. If you want to
add file-level dependencies see the DEPENDS option of the add_custom_target
and add_custom_command commands.

Any ideas how to overcome this issue?

kind regards,

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