[vtkusers] Depth Peeling w/ Nvidia Quadro 2000

Windes, Grant Grant.Windes at smith-nephew.com
Tue Aug 26 17:59:58 EDT 2014

Looking to implement a proper depth sort for semi-transparent objects. My research has shown that the vtkDepthSortPolyData is not sufficient as it is CPU bound.

I've enabled depth peeling and it's worked great using Core i7 4770K (4600HD Integrated Graphics). However, it was slower than we liked and thus I tested an Nvidia Quadro 3000M and Quadro 2000. Both don't properly enable depth peeling as confirmed with a GetRenderLastUsedDepthPeeling() call.

Note: Using pyVTK (vtk 5.10.1) on Windows 7 64bit with latest gpu Quadro drivers (

In my small test application I can get DepthPeeling to render properly on the Quadro 2000 by setting


However, If I remove SetAlphaBitPlanes() and SetMultiSamples() depth peeling doesn't work properly and is not enabled.

Any indication as to why depth peeling works fine on the Core i7 integrated graphics compared to a true GPU?


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