[vtkusers] Fill vtkCellArray fast/efficiently through wrappers

Gerrick Bivins Gerrick.Bivins at halliburton.com
Thu Aug 21 11:19:56 EDT 2014

Hi all,
I have some large unstructured models that I've been profiling lately.
The biggest bottleneck seems to be populating the vtkCellArray for the grid.
I've tried things like pre-allocate the arrays to avoid resizing (I think) and still,
the profiler is pointing out that vtkIdList.SetId in the JNI layer is the issue (see attached).

I found this thread that gave me some hope:
but I can't seem to find the right methods in the wrappers to "SetArray"
on the vtkIdTypeArray.

The float and double variants have the SetJavaArray
method which I've been using, so the question is, is there a way
to quickly/efficiently set the vtkCellArray through the "wrapped" APIs such as Java?


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