[vtkusers] Correct coordinate transformations for DICOM data set.

vipulraikar vpai at g.clemson.edu
Wed Aug 20 11:55:26 EDT 2014

Coordinate transformations for DICOM data set.

Hello everybody,

Before I begin to explain my roadblock\problem, let me briefly put forward
what I am trying to achieve. I am using VTK to handle the visualization in
my work with Image-Guidance (IGS). At the current time I am trying to
register a tracked tool (already done) to a data-set and render it correctly
in 3D space on screen.

To begin with I have extensively gone through the posts here on
understanding how to visualize the 3D space in DICOM coordinate frame
(Patient\Scanner\Reference).  To begin with, I am generating a vtkMatrix4X4
with direction cosines and the origin from the dicom header of the first
image in the dataset (LowerLeft is ON). I have then applied this as a user
matrix to my vtkVolume, which according to my understanding from all the
wonderful explanations here (Especially Dr Gobbi), will apply the DICOM
coordinate frame to the rendering (for the lack of better way to word this).

My questions are two fold. First: How to I now render a point, which is
registered to this coordinate frame, correctly (in the form of a vtkActor)?
Second: How to I move this object\actor in real-time?

I have tried and failed to correctly do so by applying the same user
transform to the actor. I am still quite new to this. I would very much
appreciate any help I can get to move forward in the right direction.

best regards,


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