[vtkusers] vtkTransform::Pop() and vtkTransform::Push()

Meehan, Bernard MEEHANBT at nv.doe.gov
Mon Aug 11 14:18:44 EDT 2014

Are you pre-multiplying or post-multiplying your transformations?
I got tangled up a bit before I realized that the default mode was premultiply ... which means that if you do this:

xform = vtk.vtkTransform()

you get the following matrix operation on the vector x:

A B C x

when you might have wanted:


which would give you:

C B A x
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Subject: [vtkusers] vtkTransform::Pop() and vtkTransform::Push()

Hi all,

I am trying to get some king of 'undo' feature in my interactor style, so that Ctrl-Z would undo the last transformation to the currently selected actor. I am currently looking at vtkTransform::Push()) and Pop(), but haven't been able to get something working.

Any suggestions?

Another way of phrasing my question would be: How am I supposed to use the Pop() and Push() functions?

Thanks - Maarten
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