[vtkusers] Converting ASCII VTK to binary that contains multiple scalars

Sunrise helios.corona at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 21:36:13 EDT 2014

I am trying to convert an ascii VTK file to binary VTK or binary VTI.
The file is image data with 3 scalar arrays and 3 vector arrays. I saved
these data in POINT DATA (but not FIELD DATA). Since the file size is
large, I should convert the file from ascii VTK to binary VTK in order
to send it from cluster to my computer.

The problem is that if all 3 scalar data are saved in point data, when I
read and then write them to binary VTK, the output file only contains 1
scalar data in point data, while the other scalar data are ignored.

I know if I saved the data as XML format at first, this does not happen.
However I can not write data to XML as first point, because the code
that generates data does not use VTK (there is no VTK lib on cluster
indeed) and I can only write output numbers in legacy VTK file format
using my own function.

Is there any way to contain all scalars of point data in conversion to

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