[vtkusers] Vtk Video Source

Fabian Torres fabian.trobles at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 04:54:53 EDT 2014

Hi all

I´ve connected a video frame grabber to my computer and I want to display
the video using vtk.

I notice there is a class called vtkVideoSource and I think this could be
an option I can use. I have been looking for examples in the web but
nothing seems to work for me.

Is there any example that can be useful for what I want to do?


Fabián Torres Robles
Maestria en Ciencias en Ingeniería Electrónica
Ingeniería en Sistemas Electrónicos
tel. 58081280, 0445534661338
e-mail fabian.trobles at gmail.com, dae.wong at gmail.com
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