[vtkusers] Status of VTK Python 3 wrapper support

Marco Nawijn nawijn at gmail.com
Fri Aug 1 05:05:30 EDT 2014

Dear All,

I am more than happy to work on points (1: Run 2to3) and (2: fix
About the CMake part, I am not an expert whatsoever, so although I als
willing to assist
here, it might not be very efficient due to my lack of experience with

Although I agree with you that some of the code in not so pythonic, my
suggestion would
be to first use have something (python 3 VTK binding + working set of
examples). From
there on, start iterating to improve what we have. I am not sure if this
process is
completely feasible though, because providing a pythonic interface might
have a big
impact on the wrapper code generation part. Probably David can provide a
better look
on this.

One question is remaining for me. How do we organise this (creation of
alpha version
of wrapper, running 2to3 etc.)?

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