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Roberto Garrido rgarrido at emedica.es
Wed Feb 27 09:41:41 EST 2013

Hi again.


I have solved it using a vtkClipPolyData (using vtkSphere as clipping
function) filter after the triangle stripper filter.





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Hi there!


We have a scene with a non-regular volume. We want to highlight a section of
it, using a plane at a given height. The approach we are using is as

-          Create a vtkCutter

-          Set a vtkPlane as cut function of the vtkCutter

-          Perform the cut filter and connect the results with a triangle
stripper filter

-          Connect the results with a vtkPolyDataMapper, and the assign the
mapper to the actor


Using this approach, we have managed to display the highlighted section of
the volume, but the results are not the ones we desired, and that’s because
the volume is so irregular that the above pseudo-code computes a lot of
sections. And we only want one. Actually, we only want to use the geometry
that is at a known distance of a given point. We already have the point and
the distance, but we don’t know how to proceed now.


Any idea?

Thanks in advance,


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