[vtkusers] grid cell vis

Michael Morandi morandi at zurichmedtech.com
Mon Feb 25 06:09:11 EST 2013

Hi VTK users

I'm trying to visialize cells in a vtkRectilinearGrid that satisfy 
certain requirements, e.g cell data value is > 0.  Basically I'd like to 
see the outer faces of those cells.

I already succeeded in my task by

 1. using a vtkExtractRectilinearGrid filter
 2. passing it to a vtkThreshold filter
 3. using a vtkDataSetMapper.

However, the visualization is quite slow and unresponsive, for large 
grids memory consumption is too high. I assume this has to do with the 
unstructured grid that is created by the threshold filter.
Does anybody see a more effective approach to visualize a subset of 
cells in a rectilinear grid?

Any help is appreciated.

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