[vtkusers] Measuring dimensions on a 3D surface

Daniël Lacko lacko.daniel at outlook.com
Mon Feb 18 10:27:18 EST 2013

Hello vtkusers,


I'm working on a
project in which I need to measure some anthropometric parameters of human heads
from an online database (that is to say, I can't physically measure these
distances). At this stage of the project, I'm considering only the skin surface
of the head (hair not included) and I've successfully been able to extract this
surface and export it to a 3D mesh (.stl) using VTK. Now I need software that
can be used to measure the relevant dimensions on these surfaces. I've
previously used Mimics of Materialize for segmentation and measurement for a
similar project, but I no longer have access to a license, and seeing I'm now
working with a much larger data set I would like to automate the process as much
as possible.


My main question is:
do you know of any good free (or cheap) 3D visualisation software packages that
will allow me to measure distances as well as arc lengths between two points on
a 3D surface? I've tried Paraview and Meshlab, but I can't seem to find a way
to measure arc lengths in either of them.


Alternatively, is
there a relatively easy way to automate this process using VTK (or other
libraries/software)? At the moment, I only have a very basic knowledge of
medical image processing. I want to learn more, but at the same time I have a
deadline for this project which will not allow me to spend too much time on
studying. (Regardless, if you could recommend good books, tutorials, videos or
websites that deal with this kind of MI, it would be greatly appreciated.)


I'm sorry if this is
not the right place to ask for this, I'm not sure were else to go.


Kind regards,



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