[vtkusers] Construct 3D revolved mesh from a 2d mesh

Andrew Parker andy.john.parker at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 1 05:06:40 EST 2013

Sorry to repost.  Does anybody have a feel for whether I can apply a filter
and essentially produce a 3d volume mesh with associated scalars and
transformed vectors, from it's 2d counter part using vtk?

i.e. a cylindrically symmetric simulation converted to a valid 3d volume
mesh.  I can apply the filter, similar to this thread:


but in my case, rather than for presentational purposes, I need the
internal of the rotated shell to be a populated volume mesh.  Using the
method in the above post, or described in my previous post gives only the
outer shell.

Any help either way really appreciated!


> I am doing this in code using vtk, but can be reproduced using paraview as
> noted below.
> I have a 2d mesh which represent a cylindrically symmetric simulation.  I
> want to be able to revolve this around the z-axis to create a 3d mesh.
>  However, when doing this using the rotational extrusion filter, I only
> seem to have boundary faces.  I can't get this to give me 3d cells inside
> the volume of revolution, which is what I'm after.  Can this be done?  I
> have done this in visit and sure enough the mesh is inside the volume of
> revolution as I expect.
> This can be reproduced in paraview using the UCD_00003.inp example from
> the data set.
> First apply a transform and rotate around 90 degrees round the y axis.
>  Then apply the extract surface filter. I too must do this in my code as
> the incoming mesh is a vtkUnstructuredGrid and the rotational extrusion
> filter wants a polydata.  Then apply the rotational extrusion filter for
> 360 degrees with 120 resolution.  Finally perform an x-normal slice at the
> default position.  Viewing only the slice shows the outer boundary only,
> but I had wanted the interior of the boundary to be populated with a mesh,
> not bothered about its topology, just want a fully populated mesh within
> the interior.
> Again, any help on the above really appreciated??  As I say achieved with
> visit....which I mention only because I assume the code under the hood
> would be vtk and hence possible in my case.
> Many thanks,
> Andy
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