[vtkusers] location of movable component

Podariu, Silviu spodariu at unmc.edu
Thu Dec 19 21:07:11 EST 2013

Thank you Jorge,

I have been trying to convert the Tcl to Python; still working on it...  :)


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Hi, you can use vtkHandleWidget


below is a simple example in Tcl, the position is printed in standard output.

package require vtk
package require vtkinteraction

# this proc will be invoked during widget interaction
proc OnInteraction { r } {
  set pos [$r GetWorldPosition]
  puts "pos = $pos"

vtkTkRenderWidget .tkrw
::vtk::bind_tk_render_widget .tkrw

set renWin [.tkrw GetRenderWindow]

vtkRenderer ren
ren SetBackground 0.0 0.4 0.5

$renWin AddRenderer ren

# create the widget representation
vtkFixedSizeHandleRepresentation3D rep
rep SetHandleSizeInPixels 10
[rep GetProperty] SetColor 1 0 0
rep SetWorldPosition 0 0 0

# create the widget
vtkHandleWidget widget
widget SetInteractor [$renWin GetInteractor]
widget SetDefaultRenderer ren
widget SetRepresentation rep
# add the interaction observer
widget AddObserver InteractionEvent {OnInteraction rep}
after idle {widget On}

pack .tkrw -fill both -expand yes

2013/12/13 Podariu, Silviu <spodariu at unmc.edu<mailto:spodariu at unmc.edu>>


Is there a way of adding a little component in space ( point, sphere, cube ), which can be moved interactively ( with the mouse/arrows/keys ) and whose location at any time can be displayed in the terminal ( or on the renderer window itself )?


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