[vtkusers] coordinates of point in renderer window

Podariu, Silviu spodariu at unmc.edu
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I managed to run the ImagePlaneWidget example found on-line, but that is not offering more functionality than what FSL provides ( it slices data along the sides of the box ( so, only 3 directions, not an arbitrary cutting plane ), and it gives the coordinates of points in any of the three slices as well as the integer value at that location ).

I am not pursuing this anymore at present, but i am trying to see what use i can make of events and handling them ( like clicking various keys and making a little 'probe' move in space and report its coordinates ).

I also got a reply to a question about that from Jorge Perez ( see  "location of movable component" question posted last week ).


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did you ever figure out how to do this.
if so, i was wondering if i could ask you a few questions...


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Subject: [vtkusers] coordinates of point in renderer window


I am an older but still elementary user of vtk. I found among the examples
a useful one with the vtkRenderer which i could adjust to my needs to add
a few 3D volumes ( each broken in 2D slices ) using a vtkVolume16Reader
and the vtkContourFilter to generate an iso-surface to be shown in the
rendering window for each volume. Additionally, i include sometimes other
standard shapes ( usually spheres, to indicate some particular points, or
different default shapes ).

The problem i am facing now is the following. When i view these volumes in
a viewer like FSLView, i can get the FSL coordinates of a certain voxel i
am singling out by placing the cross-bar on it ( actually these are the NIFTI
format coordinates, different from the VTK volume coordinates, but this is
less important ) and i would very much like to be able to do a similar thing
in the VTK renderer, i.e. to somehow single out a point and get a visual
display somewhere ( could be in the terminal from which i am launching the
renderer, or anywhere i can see it ) of the VTK coordinates of that point, so
i could connect better the visual info the two displays provide...

Is there a not too difficult, :), solution to my problem anybody is aware of?

Thank you,

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